Client review - Poonham said " I would strongly recommend Sleepyburrows. Bobby loves it here and knows his second home

Client Review - Candy Said

" Leaving your beloved pet with Jemma gives you peace of mind"

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Client Review - Debbie Said

" Great Place, Thomas & Fudge came home clean and soft. Not sure who had a better holiday them or us !"


A very warm welcome to Sleepy Burrows. We offer a specialist small animal boarding service, cared

for by a Qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse.

Located near Romford conveniently within easy reach of the M25, A12 and A127.

We strongly believe that all pets should receive comfort, security and exercise at all times and we can offer specialised care for your pet whilst you are on holiday, moving house, recovering from illness, having guests to stay or many other reasons why you may not be able to give your beloved pet the care and attention that they deserve.

As a RVN I understand that some owners find giving routine medication difficult, here at Sleepy Burrows we can help! Just ask about our Healthcare Packages.

Mobile Veterinary Nurse services now available.


New Safe Systems of Work are now in place following the COVID crisis.

Upon enquiry, these will be sent to you in detail.

Drop off / Collection by Appointment only

Designated area to drop off your pet.

No blankets or comforts will be allowed for the time being. Something from home has always been encouraged in the past and hope this will change in the future, but cannot risk cross-contamination at this time.

Thank you for your understanding at this time.


New Vaccine now available - Nobivac Triple protection with 12-month duration Protects against Myxomatosis, RHDV1 & 2 strains

Veterinary Surgeries are now taking bookings for vaccines. A valid vaccination certificate is required.

We encourage all clients to worm their rabbits to protect them against Cuniculi and other parasitic problems. If you struggle giving wormers.


Ask for Help!

Spring Blog

We are over the moon to announce we gained 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in different categories for this year's 2021 NCC spring show (National Cavy Club). Obviously, we are biased and think they're gorgeous, now they have rosettes to prove it.

Mobile Veterinary Nurse Services: Now available! (medical & behavioural)

Collection Service available: Please call for further details

Dog Walking/Cat sitting services available: spaces 

This service is off-site away from the Small Pet Boarders.

(Qualified dog trainer/CPD qualifications in Cat behaviour) Experienced in Veterinary Consultations.

Diabetics - Once you have seen your Vet you may feel apprehensive to inject your Pet. We can offer support to teach you to inject your Pet within your home environment.