A valid signed vaccination card for Rabbits must be shown on arrival without this we cannot board your Rabbit

All Rabbits must be VACCINATED against Myxomatosis and VHD.

VHD2 vaccines are now available at some veterinary clinics.

All boarders will receive a health check

If there are any signs of illness we reserve the right to refuse boarding

Any NON contagious conditions that require medication can be boarded prior to discusssion

In the event that your pet becomes ill whilst in our care we will attempt to contact you and contact our local Veterinary Surgery. The invoice will be given to you upon collection.


Foraging treats

We believe enrichment is essential for a caged pet's wellbeing as it is not a natural environment for any animal.

On the first night's stay your Rabbit/Guinea pig will be offered a foraging treat to help them settle. This will usually contain some lavender or chamomile.

We would advise regular foraging treats to help alleviate boredom - Please ask for details on booking.


Terms & Conditions

Please refer to the Prices page

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Food that They Need

Small animals have very delicate digestive systems, any sudden change can lead to life threatening conditions.

At Sleepy Burrows we encourage pelleted feed to our Rabbits & Guinea Pigs which we ask for you to provide 

On booking/arrival you will be asked about feeds that your pet is used to as we offer daily fresh Vegetables and Herbs with access to grass. Hay is available at all times Timothy & Meadow.

New Safe Systems of Work are now in place following the COVID crisis.

Upon enquiry these will be sent to  you in detail.

Drop off /Collection by Appointment only

Designated area to drop off your pet.

No blankets or comforts will be allowed for the time being. Something from home has always be encouraged in the past and hope this will change in the future , but cannot risk cross contamination at this time.


New Vaccine now available - Nobivac Triple protection with 12 month duration Protects against Myxomatosis, RHDV1 & 2 strains

Veterinary Surgeries are now taking bookings for vaccines. A valid vaccination certificate is required to be emailed prior to boarding. 

If you're struggling We can help worm your Pets to protect them against Cuniculi and other parasitic problems.

Holidays bookings - following Goverment annoucement 22.02.2021

We are currently going through the wait list for 2021 bookings and will be in contact shortly.

Vaccinations - Veterinary Surgeries are now open for Vaccinations.

Welfare Grooming/nails/teeth is available please message for consultations.