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Here at Sleepy Burrows we are excited about our new fantastic small animal house and in the process of renovating another.
 We have opted for modern enclosures which are light and airy. Offering enrichment along side with safety and security for your pet.  Supporting  
"A hutch is not enough"
Variety of enclosures available from walk ins to hutches (our hutches are all larger than 9ft plus a run!)
Giant Breeds - Require 12ft plus

Encountering new and strange surroundings can be a very daunting experience. At Sleepy Burrows we care passionately about our guests and will treat your pets as our own giving them the attention they require to settle them.

Our Smaller Boarders

For our Degus, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Pigmy Hedgehogs, Gerbils, Rats etc.

Currently on request 2021- some species boarding will unavailable

All boarders have access to an exercise area daily during their stay.
Rabbits/Guinea Pigs & Tortoises all have access to grass runs during the day, some of which are directly accessible through fun tunnels.
They are then brought in at night to their comfortable and secure enclosures.
Variety of outdoor enclosures available from eglus to runaround (your pet will have 2 one indoor and one outdoors during their stay. We will tailor there enviroment to what suits them best.


As an experienced RVN I feel passionately about the correct dietary requirements for each species. Incorrect diets can lead to many serious illnesses. We offer pelleted feed to the Rabbits & Guinea Pigs with fresh daily vegetables & access to hay at all times. If your pet is used to another diet this will need to be provided for the duration of their stay. A sudden change of diet could be detrimental to their digestive system.


All enclosures are cleaned twice daily with a Veterinary Grade disinfectant.

Fresh Food and bedding is provided daily.

Cross contamination is taken seriously

Settling Period

All Boarders are given a FREE complimentary settling foraging treat. Usually contains lavender and chamomile

to help them settle into their holiday home.

Pet remedy is also available if you think your pet may suffer from any anxiety, this will be discussed on booking.

Boredom Busters

It is not natural for an animal to be caged and therefore we have to take this into consideration. At Sleepy Burrows we encourage natural behaviours offering burrowing boxes.

 Forage packs back in Stock! These are organic and designed by a Veterinary nurse with medicinal benefits

Foraging treats and fruit tree branches are available on request.

Play tables and toys available

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