Payment and Costs

Please note that during the Christmas and New Year Period, rates will double per day.

We ask for a deposit on booking and full payment on arrival.

 £20 non-refundable deposit to secure booking.

We charge for both drop-off and collection dates as no animal will be in your pet's enclosure during this time to allow for disinfection and airing of the enclosure. As an RVN I take cross contamination seriously and only use veterinary grade disinfectants. This time is essential for preparing for your pet's arrival.

We have always used Veterinary grade cleaning protocols these have now been increased following the COVID crisis with regular deep cleans included.

The not so small print​

All Rabbits must be vaccinated against myxomatosis and VHD, an up to date vaccine card will need to be shown on arrival.

I would advise you to vaccinate your Rabbit against the new strain VHD2 which is now available in the UK at some Veterinary Practises.

I would also advise all boarders to be wormed, flea and mite treated. If you are unsure about these preventive treatments please do not hesitate to ask about our healthcare packages.

Please advise us of any medical conditions upon booking.


All boarders will be examined upon arrival, we reserve the right to refuse your pet's stay.

In the unlikely event that your pet does become ill while with us we will endeavour to contact you prior to obtaining Veterinary treatment for them. Any Veterinary costs will be payable by yourself prior to collection of your pet and will not be covered by our insurance.


Sadly, small animals are complex creatures and can pass away with little or no warning, we will endeavour to contact you immediately to discuss your wishes. We accept no liability in the unlikely event that this may happen. You will still be liable for any Veterinary fees incurred including cremation.

If your pet is not collected within 2 weeks of the agreed collection date we reserve the right to rehome your pet. Daily boarding fees will be incurred.

New Safe Systems of Work are now in place following the COVID crisis.

Upon enquiry, these will be sent to you in detail.

Drop off / Collection by Appointment only

Designated area to drop off your pet.

No blankets or comforts will be allowed for the time being. Something from home has always been encouraged in the past and hope this will change in the future, but cannot risk cross-contamination at this time.

Thank you for your understanding at this time.


New Vaccine now available - Nobivac Triple protection with 12-month duration Protects against Myxomatosis, RHDV1 & 2 strains

Veterinary Surgeries are now taking bookings for vaccines. A valid vaccination certificate is required.

We encourage all clients to worm their rabbits to protect them against Cuniculi and other parasitic problems. If you struggle giving wormers.


Ask for Help!

Spring Blog

We are over the moon to announce we gained 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in different categories for this year's 2021 NCC spring show (National Cavy Club). Obviously, we are biased and think they're gorgeous, now they have rosettes to prove it.

Mobile Veterinary Nurse Services: Now available! (medical & behavioural)

Collection Service available: Please call for further details

Dog Walking/Cat sitting services available: spaces 

This service is off-site away from the Small Pet Boarders.

(Qualified dog trainer/CPD qualifications in Cat behaviour) Experienced in Veterinary Consultations.

Diabetics - Once you have seen your Vet you may feel apprehensive to inject your Pet. We can offer support to teach you to inject your Pet within your home environment.