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Passionate about Small Animal Healthcare & Wellbeing

Passionate about Small Animal Healthcare & Wellbeing


About Us

Hello. Here at Sleepy Burrows we offer a specialist small animal boarding service, cared for by a Qualified Registered Veterinary Nurse.

Located near Romford conveniently within easy reach of the M25, A12 and A127.

We strongly believe that all Pets should receive comfort, security and exercise at all times.

I have been nursing for 22 years and I am passionate about animal health care which of course includes the importance of housing, husbandry and enrichment for our Pets.

Whilst your Pet stays with us they will be treated as our own giving them as much comfort as we can provide.

Winter Topic

Keeping your Rabbits & Guineapigs warm over the winter 
There has been a sudden change in temperature this week after having such a mild winter so far. It is important to protect them from the elements if they are outdoors. Here at Sleepy Burrows we have a heated cabin for the indoor pets and an outdoor outhouse which is kept at 10C for the Outdoor Boarders

Here are some Top tips to help you through the winter 

Clean out daily - Ensure the bedding is dry and throw away wet/damp bedding

Dry Straw - Provide LOTS of dry straw for them to huddle in

Fleece Bedding - Fleece pouches are great for guineapigs

Protection - Protect the enclosure from the elements and insulate

Heat - Snugglesafes are a great way to help

Water Bottles Freeze - Check regularly and ensure the dripper is ice free

Friend - Provide a friend for your pet to cuddle and have companionship 

Food - Provide extra food 

Sudden temperature change can be dangerous do not be tempted to bring your outdoor pet straight into a heated house 

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